Terms and Conditions

Having told you all this, it is very important to let you know that you have to adhere to the terms and conditions which are given by us below to ease our collaboration and remove any confusion that may arise:

  • We are always ready to welcome and encourage those who want to write the contents related to pet care to spread awareness. If you want to submit your article or blog, then you can get yourself registered at 4Petneeds.
  • Our team will review your article or blog and approve it, only if it suits our publishing criteria.

What you are writing :

  • must be related to the subject of pet care, if it's not, then your written content will be rejected.
  • You must check and edit your content on your own and ask someone to know the quality of the content before sending that to us.
  • You have to send us only your own original content which is unpublished and plagiarism-free. Moreover, no grammar mistakes and misspelling will be accepted.
  • If you send us any plagiarized content, then you will be blacklisted and won't be able to send us any content in future.
  • You must give a short section about yourself and your content.
  • Inclusion of a keyword-rich-backlink to the blog you write is allowed providing that it is not submitted to any other commercial business. If it is found, then it will be rejected immediately.
  • If your content is found confusing and irrelevant to the subject, then it will be rejected. Therefore, keep your content related to the subject and intelligible.
  • Our readers are always ready to seek tips and guidelines from the content we publish; therefore, keep your content as informative as possible so that it may reach a large number of readers.
  • You can send us 3 images of your own work or from the public domain. But, your images must be free from any royalty and copyright issues. Send these images as attachments and don't forget to indicate their location in the text.
  • We can reject or amend any post because we have the exclusive right to doing so. We can also remove any previous article from 4Petneeds blog without any warning.
  • We will not pay you any money for writing guest posts for us.
  • We don't give any guarantee for any audience reach.
  • Your blog should be of 300 to 350 words and article of 600 to 800 words or little more if it has something very important to inform visitors.
  • If you give us a blog post, then it means that you are in the agreement that you are not going to be a part or member of our company or blog.
  • Always keep the content in the body of the email.
  • Never include your content by attaching.

Give your details :

like your name, profession, and the links by which readers can reach you. Furthermore, your twitter and facebook addresses must be provided.


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