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Get Excellent Quality and Long Lasting Toys for Your Dog and Puppy

Get Excellent Quality and Long Lasting Toys for Your Dog and Puppy

We all love our dogs and want to make them happy; dog toy can be the best way for it. If you are looking a fun ways to make your dog entertained then give him some play games and toys, these will keep them busy, active and they are great for mental and physical exercise.

Find Games as per the Nature of Your Dog

We know it very well that playing as well as chewing is the natural behaviors of dog and puppy. Dog toy is essential for all dogs to let them make their habit without getting any loss. Playing is also crucial for your furry friend concerning learning.

No doubt, there are lots of options when it comes to dog toys online. Depending upon the nature of your dog, size and...


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Pick a Perfect Name for Your Pooch from this List

Pick a Perfect Name for Your Pooch from this List

Selecting a perfect name for your new dog is a tough task but, you want to do in the best possible way. Because, what you decide to call your doggie, it becomes a part of his or her overall personality. It is genuine that when we bring a pet to our home, it becomes an integral part of our life. That is why giving a name for a pet is like giving a name for your child.

Unlike baby names, there is no any book containing endless surname for your four-legged companions.

We have made the list of the most common dog names; whether it is something unique, traditional, these dog names will match to the personality of your pooch. If you have the doubt which names are in trend these days, here are the top names that are popular today.


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How to take care of pug puppies to keep them healthy and playful

How to take care of pug puppies to keep them healthy and playful

There was a boom in the demand for a dog breed called pug when Vodafone used it in a TV advertisement. It’s a small sized breed of canine that stole millions of hearts after the advertisement. If you are planning to buy a pug puppy or there is already one at your home, and looking for some tips for taking care of it, then keep reading further.  

Pug puppies face health problems more in comparison to adult dogs. Some of these health issues are overheating, obesity and pharyngeal reflex. That’s why they are in need of proper care by their owners. Before buying a pup, it is prudent to have all the grooming, food, supplement and other things at home. 

It is very important to train the puppy; first six months are the...


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The Life Of Dogs In Indian Armed Forces

The Life Of Dogs In Indian Armed Forces

Army dogs have been an essential part of the armed forces for a long time, but life of dogs in Indian armed forces is very tough. Dogs serving in the armed forces around the country do more than play catch, wag their tails, detect explosives and alert about the enemy insurgency.

Dogs are coached in commands that need them to hold their barks in conditions of combat, lest they reveal their position to the enemy while undergoing the extensive military training. The Romans were the first who had used trained dogs. These dogs used to give their best to please their master; it makes the task of teaching easier.

Dogs Undergo Rigorous Training like the Soldiers

You will be shocked to know that these dogs also undergo...


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A List of Ten Cutest Dog Breeds in the world for Canine Lovers

A List of Ten Cutest Dog Breeds in the world for Canine Lovers

To every dog owner, their pooch is the cutest dog in this world. But, here is a list of ten cutest dog breeds in the world that have won millions of hearts. These dog breeds are the most sough-after canines. Their cuteness is beyond description and when their owners come back home after a long time and receive the best welcome given by these dogs wagging the tiny tail; this experience becomes the most soothing one in the life. A list of these canine breeds is given below:

Pug: The Vodafone advertisement has made this dog breed one of the most favorites of dog lovers. The scrunched up face of this tiny sized dog makes it more adorable, and the little legs add more charm to its cuteness. The Pug is prone to many health problems, so you must look after it with a lot of...



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