Written By: John Hilary

4petneeds Blogs Accept Guest Blogging and Articles Submission

4petneeds Blogs Accept Guest Blogging and Articles Submission

The 4Petneeds welcomes guest bloggers from around the world. Our site features community-driven content that our readers are interested in to help them strengthen their bond with their pet.

If you are looking for such platform where you can present your writing skills or you are a pet lover, then you are on right place.

We Invite People to Write for our Pet Guest Site

We know well that successful guest blog articles and blogs are comprehensive; action-oriented that educates reader about different pet animals. The vision to start this free guest post site is the same to inform pet parents.

Many of our submissions come from...


Written By: Samita Reddy

Strong Reason Why Dogs Refuse to Eat but Drink Properly

Strong Reason Why Dogs Refuse to Eat but Drink Properly

Almost all dogs love to eat that is why a meal that has been left untouched can raises concerns. If your dog is not eating his food, then it can be very distressing for you. There are numbers of reasons for loss of appetite in dogs, and it is essential to determine the cause to find the best treatment plan.

Endless List of Problems can Cause Your Pet:-

An endless list of problems can cause your pet to go off his food. But, without the right nutrition, your pooch can be the week and got sicker and sicker, so you must tackle the issue as soon as possible. Because loss of appetite in dogs can indicate illness, so it is important to seek veterinary care if you notice any change in the eating habits of your pooch.

Here, some reasons may be the reasons for the change in your dog’s eating behavior:

Minor Digestive System...


Written By: 4Petneeds

How to travel with your pets on the flight without any problem

How to travel with your pets on the flight without any problem

When someone finds their pet close to them, the person feels light and relieved. Sometimes, you are fed up with living among human beings and look for someone innocent, loving you unconditionally, selfless, and loyal. Then, your pets fulfill that place in your life.

When you have to go abroad, then you must think of having your four-legged friend with yourself. You can do so; you just have to follow some rules which are for the convenience of your pet and the general public that travel on the flight.

These are some pet traveling rules on the flight that must be followed when traveling with your four-legged companions:

  • The carrier you use for your transporting your dear pet must have enough space so that your animal can...

Written By: Olivia Jackson

Reasons That Make Horses Your Best Pets Ever.

Reasons That Make Horses Your Best Pets Ever.

Horses are no doubt unique animals and they are mostly seen as sought after pet. But, the question is whether horses can make good pets or not. In case they do, what are the advantages available, which make horses as the best pet ever? To decide about the factors which make a good pet, it solely depends on what you actually want from pet. So, it is mandatory that you look for the benefit of just keeping horses as pets.  Without wasting any time further, let’s just jump right into the details.


  • Riding for exercise and fitness:

Horses are perfect for those people who want a pet they can...


Written By: 4petneeds

Some useful information about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog

Some useful information about Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are almost new species of canines. They were developed around 100 years ago. Their ancestors are toy Spaniels which were great companions of the people in royalty and nobility.

Height: 12 to 13 inches

Weight: from 13 to 18 pounds

Life Expectancy: 9 to 15 years

A Cavalier is a dog that is dependent on its owner. This breed enjoys being with people and mustn’t be kept alone for a long time. Proper combing and brushing should be adopted as an integral part of the care because it sheds a lot. Because of being a Spaniel, it may run to chase other small animals; therefore, it...



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