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Nourish your Labrador puppy with the best food for its ideal health

Nourish your Labrador puppy with the best food for its ideal health

When someone wants to keep a Labrador pup as a pet, they must consider the little canine as their own child. Puppies are more delicate than larger dogs. Therefore, a pup owner bears a bulkier responsibility; because, they need more attention and care than a larger one. If you don’t have time for this, then either hire someone for that or drop your plan. What, when and how much to feed them must be according to their nutritional needs.

A large number of people often get confused in choosing what to feed their Labrador pup. There are also many brands like royal canin, fidele and pedigree for Labrador puppy food; which is designed according to the breed, age, size and weight of the pooch. 

Kibble or raw food often regarded as the


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Use the premium Dog grooming kit to enhance your dog's cuteness

Use the premium Dog grooming kit to enhance your dog's cuteness

There is nothing that is much more comfortable than spending time with your dearest pooch. Its unconditional love, selfless loyalty, and the unquestionable sense of protection make man’s life more beautiful. So, it is very important to look after it properly by feeding the nutritional foods and grooming with the best kits without causing any problem. While choosing a product for grooming, you should be mindful of dog’s comfort. The product must be tailored to ease the grooming act. Below are some pieces of advice to do so:

Combs and brushes:

There are different kinds of brushes and combs for your dog.

  • Use a slicker brush for the dog having thick undercoats like Poodles and Golden Retrievers.
  • Use a...

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Why is Important to Provide Healthy Fruits and Vegetables to Your Dogs

Why is Important to Provide Healthy Fruits and Vegetables to Your Dogs

Regular food is optimized to fulfill the dog’s needs, but adding some vegetables and fruits can provide your dog some significant health benefits. Fruits and vegetables have the same health profit as dogs as they do for a human.

They help in stomach upset, fresh the breath and make the digestive system to work correctly. Fruits have the abundance of natural sugar, so various natural resources.

Fruits and vegetables are the powerhouses, full of antioxidants and also minerals. They possess cleansing and pH balancing properties having lots of fibre. There is the list of some fruits and vegetable that dogs love

Bananas Help to Regulate the Enzyme Function

Bananas are very rich in...


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Can you keep Tortoise as Pets.

Can you keep Tortoise  as Pets.

Some people love to keep fishes and same way some like to keep turtle or tortoise in and as domestic pet children also likes to keep these turtles and in same way you need to take care of them too , As tortoises are only awake and feeding for half of the year, it’s important to make sure they get plenty of food during the hot summer months, so you can’t just rely on them eating garden plants and weeds.  However, since they've been around a long time, they've had plenty of time to pick up a few preferences and to develop a thorough list of personal care needs. This means that caring for a tortoise is a bigger commitment than you may think and that it takes time and dedication to make sure that your tortoise stays healthy and strong . Some of the more common species of tortoises include the Sulcata, Leopard, Redfoot, Yellowfoot, these are some turtles It's important to...


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Mumbai Motorman Stopped the Train for Rescuing a Dog That Laid on Track

Mumbai Motorman Stopped the Train for Rescuing a Dog That Laid on Track

The acknowledgement of the strict maintenance of passenger trains by the Mumbai railway department has earned the highest reputation all over the world and still has gotten a dramatic position among the fastest and routinely maintaining train schedules on railway track without any mistake. Having seen the best metropolitan city in Mumbai among the busiest cities in India, wherein approximately 7.5 million commuters carried by 2,342 trains on the regular base and the Mumbai Rail Corporation has taken an important role amidst of the fastest and strict transportation services to all tourists or local passengers for arriving their targeted destinations on time.

In such complicated agenda, their local trains never stop for a while anywhere without red signal by the railway flag man. But without any delay,...



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